try { $db->query ( 'SET NAMES latin2' ); $db->query ( 'SET CHARACTER SET latin2' ); } catch ( Exception $e ) { } X-flo - polish fluorescent lamps
tel: +48 504 56 96 45

Łódź, Poland 

   Professional  lighting  for  film & TV
broadcast, videostudios & photographers.  Polish 
version of known standard: KINOFLO.

        Fluorescent light, such like KINOFLO, for more than 20 years 
is best and indispensable solution of soft, shadeless light at motion 
picture, TV & photography industry.   It's obligatory equipement in 
ever professional  film & TV productions of the highest level.

   X-Flo are some upgraded copy of oryginal KONOFLO, but meets 
the same standards and parameters and have ca. 1/3 price of oryginal.
  X-Flo from 5 years is known and respected brand in Poland and other

   Our clients are all greatest public TV-stations in Poland and 
also independent producers, regional televisions, rental services,
filmschools, etc:

Telewizja Polska S.A., TVN, Polsat, WFF we Wrocławiu,
Warszawska Szkoła Filmowa, TVP Poznań, TVP Słupsk,
Akademia Medyczna w Warszawie, SPI International,
'Mrówka Cała' (Jurek Owsiak TV), 4FUN TV,
Hemp Crew and others...
  The secret of succes lies undoubt, unique solutions:
 - simply and light body;
 - full spectrum fluorescent lamps gives true, realistic colors;
 - electronic ballast of high frequency reduced flickr effects; 
 - minimal heat emission and low power consumption;
 - fast, reliable mounting and fixing; 
 - long life and reliability of components;

  X-flo - best proposal for both: professionals and independend,
off- and low budget producers, for 1/3 price of oryginal brand
KINOFLO, but meets the highest requirements.
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